Silhouettes by Harry Finder

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Harry Finder - Silhouettes

Interview: Benjy Russell

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in rural Oklahoma in a very small town. Growing up I was constantly going into my own imagination to create something that was bigger, better, and flashier than where I was living. I guess that’s where my fascination with building a better reality began. At some point I realized that I had hit a glass ceiling by staying in the rural country, so I decided to move to Los Angeles. LA was very good to me and I learned so much about life out there. At some point though, the country boy in me started rebelling against city life. Then, in 2007, my friend Rya and I decided to move to the mountains in Tennessee to make art and invite all of our friends out to make art with us. It was a really romantic venture that we set out on, and as a result we were able to host many amazing artists. Read more »

Sunken boat in Antarctica

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Brazilian yacht “Mar Sem Fim” sank in the Bay Ardley.

Vessels and Blooms by Jack Long

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Imaging technology and the creation of a “burst” of the liquids is a unique and Jack did not disclose it to anyone.

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Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 75 years

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It was built as the country was emerging from the Great Depression, and grew into an icon of America. It was also heralded as an engineering marvel when it opened in 1937. It was the world’s longest suspension span and had been built across a strait that critics said was too treacherous to be bridged. But as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge approaches its 75th anniversary over Memorial Day weekend, the generations of engineers who have overseen it all these years say keeping it up and open has been something of a marvel unto itself.

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Blow Job by Tadas Černiauskas

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Tadas Černiauskas invited everyone to be photographed in his studio Tadaocern, taking part in the project “Blow Job”.

A strong stream of air was directed at the model and the photographer has captured an incredible facial expression.

“The project was conceived as a joke. I just wanted to amuse himself and the people. More than a hundred people were willing to take part in the experiment. My studio just exploded with laughter and positive emotion.”

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